The Business

Let me introduce myself. My name is Brooke Shambley and I started Designing Life (Etsy and Local) because I firmly believe that everyone should be comfortable and happy in their own home. The services that I provide through Designing Life are intended to do just that, make your home a place where you can live life to the fullest.

My  E-design products are affordable and priced to be available to every day people going through every day life. Since my mother is a nurse and my mother-in-law is a teacher, I realized that I would never want to be the designer who charged so much that amazing people like teachers and nurses could not use my services. My prices reflect my passion. I have a passion to help spectacular people, not just people with a padded wallet.

As a military spouse, I saw the need to provide design services to the frequent mover. Moving repeatedly means your home environment needs to be a consistent refuge that can easily move with you. I want to help those who move often have a place of refuge to dwell in from day to day as they face the changing world around them.

The Philosophy

To me, the phrase "Designing Life" means intentionally planning one's life. I don't think that life is an accident and I wish to help people live in their home environment with a purpose. A home should be a place that pulls a family together, assists them in attaining their goals, and especially, a home should never be a hindrance. Designing Life means purposefully creating a home environment that promotes life.

Thank you for reading a little more about what Designing Life is all about and what I am all about. If you are interested in finding out more about Designing Life check out these websites.

Feel free to e-mail me directly at:

designinglife at juno dot com

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