Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Home Organization Printable Giveaway / Contest


The day has arrived!!!!

That's not to say I'm excited or anything, because who would ever be excited about giving things away?  . . . okay, I'm so excited!!!!  I truly think that you will be just as excited when you realize what is happening today.  Today is the day that my Etsy Shop Designing Life has its super duper Rafflecopter Giveaway!

The prize?  One lucky winner will get a Home Organization PDF Printable Package consisting of over $75 worth of printables

Thus you should be excited, very excited.  Here is a listing of the printables that are included in the prize package:

A custom Household Binder cover and spine insert
Daily Agenda Sheet
Week At A Glance Sheet
To Do List - Must, Should, Want
Undated Monthly Calendar

Yearly Calendar
Mamma Daddy Do List
My Password Log
My DVD/Blu-Ray Log
My CD Log
My Game Log

My Library Book Log
My Lending Log
Weekly Menu Calendar
Recipe Journal Sheets
Recipe Card Printable
Fitness Focus Sheet
Daily Calorie Counting
Weight and Calorie Calendar

House Projects Checklist
House Maintenance Checklist
Kitchen Cleaning Checklist
Bedroom Cleaning Checklist
Bathroom Shopping List
Bathroom Cleaning Checklist
Home Inventory

Donation Inventory Sheet
Children’s Daily Schedule Sheet
Children's Bedroom Cleanup
Summer Schedule
Class Contact List

Children's Privilege Ladder
My Address List
Computer Time Organizer
Personal Goal Planning Worksheets

Contest Details:
The giveaway/contest will be run through Rafflecopter, so follow the instructions below to enter.  The contest starts Tuesday morning, July 31st, 2012 and will continue through Friday, August 3rd, 2012 at Midnight.  The winner will be announced Saturday morning, August 4th, 2012.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Organization Notebook: Use it or Lose it?

Trend or Lasting?

Whether you have heard about home organization notebooks from Pinterest or from your favorite organization blog, you may wonder whether they are just a fad or something you may really want to pursue compiling. While it may be a passing fad for the "try everything" mother who will try anything to have some sense of control and organization in her otherwise hectic and busy schedules and life, but for the mom who can commit, it's gold. Many mothers are buckling down and making their schedules rather than letting their schedules rule them. For the mothers and housewives who desire to plan ahead, keep the craziness to a minimum, and focus their efforts, the household management binders are no joke, no trend, and definitely no fad. They are a tool to making their lives "designed" and purposed by intention . . . rather than just floating wherever life may lead for the moment.

Here are some questions to help you decide whether a Home Organization Notebook is right for you and your family:

Do you have one or more kids whose schedules often conflict with your own?

Do you have no plan for house cleaning and home maintenance?

Do you frequently loose your calendars, to do lists, and address books?

Do you thrive on organization and having things all put together?

Are you inspired just by having a plan and a prospect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you and your household may really benefit from putting together a Home Organization Notebook.

Starting Out

Many Home Organization Notebooks include sections such as time management (calendars and schedules), home cleaning and maintenance, children (schedules, privilege charts, babysitters notes, school information, etc.), meal planning, fitness and diet planning, address books, and more!  While utilizing every home management resource might be a little overwhelming, choosing an area to start in can be very beneficial.  If you have no cleaning plan for your home, start there.  If your children's schedules and attitudes rule the roost, then begin to plan ahead using home organization printables for bedroom cleaning, schedule planning, and privilege management.  Start where you are at and keep going!


Mothers who are successful in using a home organization notebook have more time for what they deem important.  They PLAN AHEAD.  Do they get everything done?  No, it doesn't make a soul perfect!  However, their houses will be cleaned more often and more methodically, their children are more likely to have an idea of their schedule and how their schedule affects the rest of the family, and they know when things have to happen . . . such as vehicle maintenance, termite inspections, etc.  Thus the benefits are endless.

- What to buy -
  • A 3-Ring Binder - pick your size
  • A set or two of dividers
  • A package of sheet protectors
  • Printables
Whether you decide to go for it or decide that a home organization notebook is not your cup of tea.  Just remember that you can design your life!

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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Organizing Your Home Organization Notebook

Current Events

My last post had our family moving to Italy and relayed my prospect of looking about Italy to find Murano glass beads.  Let's say I haven't forgotten, but I haven't found any stores even remotely like a craft store here.  No earring wire, no beads, and no supplies . . . so for now I'll order supplies from online craft stores and keep my eyes open for the Murano beads, etc.

Designing Pages

In the meantime, I have found a wonderful diversion.  I desperately want to utilize a home organization binder (you may have heard them refered to as household management notebooks) and so I have started designing the PDF printable pages for my binder!  I have a seven page Master Index of PDF printable pages that I will eventually design and I have already designed quite a few of these and already have them in my Etsy Shop.  Why keep them to myself? 

Organizing My Notebook!

The Home Organization Notebook printables are for sale in my Etsy Shop but I have decided to share my Master Index.  This is my personal plan for my personal Home Organization Notebook.  Granted I have a few ideas for a school printables and we aren't quite there yet.  I have broken the types of organizational printables into dividers, then taken a few of the dividers and broken them into sections for easy access.  Feel free to utilize my Home Orgnization Notebook Master Index to plan out your own Home Organization Notebook.  While you can find may printables online, feel free to check out my shop http://www.designinglife.etsy.com/ to find the printables mentioned on this Master Index.  I'm designing more printables in this list each day, so keep checking back and feel free to make custom requests!

The Home Organization Notebook Master Index is seven pages.  I am providing JPEG pictures in this post.  If you are interested in getting the PDF of all seven pages please e-mail me at my shop, thanks!



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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Designing Life Has Moved!

Though I haven't made a blog post in quite a while, my reason for absence has to do with a life change for Designing Life and for my family.  Due to a job change of my husband, we have relocated from Gulfport, Mississippi to . . . Italy!  This does have an affect on my business at least for the meantime.

Since for the next two months I am in a temporary living situation, I only have a small netbook in which to work so I will not be doing E-designs.  The small screen makes the process much more challenging.  I am still choosing paint colors, making banners, and avatars though!  Some things are easily done on a netbook . . . and some things are next to impossible!

Newest Goal:

Since I am in Italy, I intend to find some murano glass beads with which to make earrings.  Also, since starting my experiments into jewelry making, I began with the metal sets provided by the stores.  I am planning to upgrade to silver plated earrings and making my own hooks.  My goal is to make the best quality earrings in the most unique styles.  My existing earrings are great; they are the best I could do with what I had.  That's why I am going to get better supplies to make it even better!

So my family, my business, and I are in Italy . . . what would you do if you were in Italy?
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