Friday, July 27, 2012

Home Organization Notebook: Use it or Lose it?

Trend or Lasting?

Whether you have heard about home organization notebooks from Pinterest or from your favorite organization blog, you may wonder whether they are just a fad or something you may really want to pursue compiling. While it may be a passing fad for the "try everything" mother who will try anything to have some sense of control and organization in her otherwise hectic and busy schedules and life, but for the mom who can commit, it's gold. Many mothers are buckling down and making their schedules rather than letting their schedules rule them. For the mothers and housewives who desire to plan ahead, keep the craziness to a minimum, and focus their efforts, the household management binders are no joke, no trend, and definitely no fad. They are a tool to making their lives "designed" and purposed by intention . . . rather than just floating wherever life may lead for the moment.

Here are some questions to help you decide whether a Home Organization Notebook is right for you and your family:

Do you have one or more kids whose schedules often conflict with your own?

Do you have no plan for house cleaning and home maintenance?

Do you frequently loose your calendars, to do lists, and address books?

Do you thrive on organization and having things all put together?

Are you inspired just by having a plan and a prospect?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you and your household may really benefit from putting together a Home Organization Notebook.

Starting Out

Many Home Organization Notebooks include sections such as time management (calendars and schedules), home cleaning and maintenance, children (schedules, privilege charts, babysitters notes, school information, etc.), meal planning, fitness and diet planning, address books, and more!  While utilizing every home management resource might be a little overwhelming, choosing an area to start in can be very beneficial.  If you have no cleaning plan for your home, start there.  If your children's schedules and attitudes rule the roost, then begin to plan ahead using home organization printables for bedroom cleaning, schedule planning, and privilege management.  Start where you are at and keep going!


Mothers who are successful in using a home organization notebook have more time for what they deem important.  They PLAN AHEAD.  Do they get everything done?  No, it doesn't make a soul perfect!  However, their houses will be cleaned more often and more methodically, their children are more likely to have an idea of their schedule and how their schedule affects the rest of the family, and they know when things have to happen . . . such as vehicle maintenance, termite inspections, etc.  Thus the benefits are endless.

- What to buy -
  • A 3-Ring Binder - pick your size
  • A set or two of dividers
  • A package of sheet protectors
  • Printables
Whether you decide to go for it or decide that a home organization notebook is not your cup of tea.  Just remember that you can design your life!

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  1. I so need to do this. I am forever making lists and then losing my lists. Note to self: make one of these!

    Visiting via the EBT



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