Thursday, July 26, 2012

Organizing Your Home Organization Notebook

Current Events

My last post had our family moving to Italy and relayed my prospect of looking about Italy to find Murano glass beads.  Let's say I haven't forgotten, but I haven't found any stores even remotely like a craft store here.  No earring wire, no beads, and no supplies . . . so for now I'll order supplies from online craft stores and keep my eyes open for the Murano beads, etc.

Designing Pages

In the meantime, I have found a wonderful diversion.  I desperately want to utilize a home organization binder (you may have heard them refered to as household management notebooks) and so I have started designing the PDF printable pages for my binder!  I have a seven page Master Index of PDF printable pages that I will eventually design and I have already designed quite a few of these and already have them in my Etsy Shop.  Why keep them to myself? 

Organizing My Notebook!

The Home Organization Notebook printables are for sale in my Etsy Shop but I have decided to share my Master Index.  This is my personal plan for my personal Home Organization Notebook.  Granted I have a few ideas for a school printables and we aren't quite there yet.  I have broken the types of organizational printables into dividers, then taken a few of the dividers and broken them into sections for easy access.  Feel free to utilize my Home Orgnization Notebook Master Index to plan out your own Home Organization Notebook.  While you can find may printables online, feel free to check out my shop to find the printables mentioned on this Master Index.  I'm designing more printables in this list each day, so keep checking back and feel free to make custom requests!

The Home Organization Notebook Master Index is seven pages.  I am providing JPEG pictures in this post.  If you are interested in getting the PDF of all seven pages please e-mail me at my shop, thanks!



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