Sunday, July 1, 2012

Designing Life Has Moved!

Though I haven't made a blog post in quite a while, my reason for absence has to do with a life change for Designing Life and for my family.  Due to a job change of my husband, we have relocated from Gulfport, Mississippi to . . . Italy!  This does have an affect on my business at least for the meantime.

Since for the next two months I am in a temporary living situation, I only have a small netbook in which to work so I will not be doing E-designs.  The small screen makes the process much more challenging.  I am still choosing paint colors, making banners, and avatars though!  Some things are easily done on a netbook . . . and some things are next to impossible!

Newest Goal:

Since I am in Italy, I intend to find some murano glass beads with which to make earrings.  Also, since starting my experiments into jewelry making, I began with the metal sets provided by the stores.  I am planning to upgrade to silver plated earrings and making my own hooks.  My goal is to make the best quality earrings in the most unique styles.  My existing earrings are great; they are the best I could do with what I had.  That's why I am going to get better supplies to make it even better!

So my family, my business, and I are in Italy . . . what would you do if you were in Italy?


  1. Congrats! though I know you didn't choose the change. I'd just take some time off and become familiar with my new good fortune!

  2. how exciting! I absolutely love Italy! Hope you're settling in nicely and finding some lovely murano beads x kat


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