Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dry All Night Printable

I heard about the book Dry All Night: The Picture Book Technique That Stops Bedwetting by Alison Mack last month.  We, like most families, have had trouble with figuring how to help our child figure out how to stop peeing in the bed at night.  Honestly, no one talks about it.

I had my son in cloth diapers from newborn until three years old, but all of the sudden the cloth diapers weren't enough.  The soakers weren't enough.  Nothing was enough.  I had done my motherly service by keeping the chemical laden diapers from my toddler's tushy and all of the sudden I'm forced to put him into pull ups.  Either that or let him wet the bed.  Every night.  Sheets to launder every day.  Are those really choices?

Honestly, I wish they had a younger version of this book.  Dry All Night is great, but younger children of age 4 and 5 haven't developed a sense of shame over wetting the bed unless a parent has shamed them.  The book has the little girl acting ashamed about her peeing in bed.  At 6 or 7 when they are in school, they start to think they are the only ones and are ashamed to have this 'bad habit.'  The book is more for children around 6 or 7.  Still, it's extremely helpful regardless for the technique and visualization exercises.

Maybe I'll write my own e-book soon for children who are younger and need help thinking through how to control their bladder muscle.

Since Dry All Night was written in 1989 there are no current resources for this book.  There is a chart in the book, but, honestly, it's a little boring.  I googled "Dry All Night SCOREBOARD" to see if I could find a copy of the chart in the book, but it isn't online.  So I designed a new one with a splash of color.  If you happen to have sought out this book in a desperate attempt to help your child to gain control of their bladder muscle . . . I hope this is a huge help to you.

The above graphic is just the jpeg file:
Click here to download the boy's version in green.
Click here to download the girl's version in green and pink.

Please remember that this is my design of the chart in the book and as such you need to link back to my blog in order to share the file ethically.  Thank you for remembering this.
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