Wednesday, August 24, 2011

And I Think to Myself . . . What a Beautiful House.

Living Rooms We Love

How many people live in houses that they can truly call beautiful?  Beautiful houses are in short supply.  Some houses are not being built as beautiful, but even more than that, many houses are not being decorated to be beautiful.  It is my personal desire to call my house beautiful.

A beautiful house is all in the details.  Each and every decision you make about the decor in your home says something about you and your house.  Each and every decision you don't make still says something about you and your house.  Choose to make every detail count.

A messy house is never beautiful.  Junk will always be junky.  If you do not have enough storage or organization, you must make a change in order to transform you home from clutterful to beautiful.  Buy the storage shelves for your garage, buy the storage bins for your closet, and buy a filing cabinet for those loads of paper that make your house messy.  Organization can happen if you purchase the storage products needed to organize.  Organization will lead to the beautiful home of your dreams.

Fear of Change
Okay, really?  If you fear changing the consistent elements of your home as it is now, then you can never change your home away from its status of being consistently not beautiful.  Change is not only inevitable, it is the key to beautiful.  Your home must change frequently to be beautiful and remain beautiful.  If you have a new addition to the family (a job, a child, or a pet), you must change your house!  Reorganize your desk to allow you to function best at the new job.  Change your home decor to keep your house beautiful even while adjusting to a new baby.  If your pet ravages your sofa, don't settle for keeping a destroyed piece of furniture for the rest of your pet's life.  Change is essential for a beautiful home!

Day to day a home can go from being beautiful to being trashed.  One of the best ways to encourage yourself to keep your home beautiful is by offering hospitality to your friends and neighbors.  If you have a guest coming over, it is highly unlikely that you will settle for the daily mediocre condition of your home.  You will spruce it up and enjoy it all the more!  Make yourself pick up and clean up by inviting people over!

A beautiful house is attainable and so very enjoyable!  Intentionally bring your home into the realm of beautiful by considering the details, staying organized, banishing the fear of change, and by offering hospitality.  Check back to the Designing Life Blog for more beautiful ideas!


  1. One of my main stress points right now (besides a newborn) is our new house isn't yet settled. We have a dry erase board in our kitchen that is magnetic that we put up all our ideas for the house including paint samples, pictures and to do lists. I can't wait to paint each room to look like "us" and right now Dan is remodeling the bathroom. We are all sharing one right now so I can't wait for that to be done. A settled, clean, decorated home made with familiar touches does amazing things for a relaxing atmosphere.

  2. Katie,
    You do so well at decorating; I'm sure you'll have your house up and running in no time. I know it takes a bit longer to get things done with a newborn. We still had some boxes laying about when our little guy was born. I'm so glad that you stopped by!


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