Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green Birthday Party Ideas

Vintage 'Eco Green' Party Pennants - Merry Go Round HANDMADE
You can design a home, you can design your life, and yes, you can design a party.  Just like in designing a home, you have to start somewhere.  You can start with a color, a theme, or maybe a favorite flower.  This time, I started my party designs with a color.  My son who is turning three this month decided that he wanted a circle cake and a green birthday party.

green party ideas

I scoured the web for ideas on green birthday parties.  Here are a few themes that surfaced in my search:

Dinosaur Birthday Party
Frog Birthday Party
Bug Birthday Party
Pink & Green Birthday Party
Money Birthday Party
Lepracaun Birthday Party
Shamrock Birthday Party
Picnic Birthday Party
Green Train (Percy) Birthday Party
Caterpillar Birthday Party
John Deere Birthday Party

Then finally, my husband and I had a breakthrough.  Green . . . green . . . a GREEN birthday party.  We decided to "Go Green" and plan an environmentally conscious and friendly party!

We have only just begun planning for my son's Going Green Birthday Party, but I will post more as I go along!

Here's a generic copy of the invitation we e-mailed to his guests:

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  1. Thanks for featuring my vintage 'Eco-Green' Bunting.
    I'm sure your son will have a wonderful birthday!
    It sounds like fun :)
    Kind regards



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