Friday, March 16, 2012

Creating a Color Spiced Bookshelf

I hate things that are boring.  I detest white walls unless accompanied by beautiful home accents perfectly chosen to contrast the overwhelming whiteness.  I cannot stand the color mauve (though if it's your cup of tea . . . that's your business).  So in general, I cannot endure plain particle board furniture.  It's boring, it's standard, and it's just there.
Here is the boring, yawnerific bookshelf that I began with today. (Not bad, just needs a little spice!)

White 9 Cube Organizer at Do It Best
I was extremely lucky and instead of paying the typical $54.99 for this product, I paid $25 at a second hand store with it sealed in the box.  Since this project is for my church nursery, not for personal use, I'm very glad to have been able to pass on the savings to my church.

My original intention was to buy a darker wood imitation product for the church nursery, but since I can't pass up a deal, I now had a plain white particle board bookshelf to put together with thick cardboard backing that needed to be attached.

I put together the piece with only a few minor setbacks.  If the peg doesn't seem to fit . . . don't force it you probably have it in the wrong place.  I'm smart like that, if the peg doesn't fit . . . I go get a rubber mallet and make it fit.  So after having to use the rubber mallet to pound the screws into the hole with the plastic pegs to get them back out of the incorrect holes, I now pass on my newly learned knowledge about plastic pegs and inadequately sized holes.

After having the bookshelf together and only needing to attach the thick cardboard panels to the back of five of the openings, I realized that I had to do something different with this bookshelf.  How could I make this piece of furniture match what we were planning to do with the rest of the room?  Here is the color scheme we choose thanks to Design Seeds:

City Brights by Design Seeds
I wanted to find some way to incorporate these colors in this piece.  Then I thought about all of the lovely pieces I've seen that utilize color inside of the shelves of a bookshelf or hutch.

Chenin - After on Design Sponge
Colorful Bookshelf - Unknown Source
(if you know where this came from, I'd love to know)

So I decided to use four different colors inside of the bookshelf to emphasize the color scheme we are using for the room!   Here's how I did it:

My Colors of Inspiration
1.  First, I printed off my color inspiration.  I used the Design Seeds City Brights and brought them with me so I could attempt to color match as much as possible.

2.  I used sponges to apply the color to the thick card board panels.  You could definitely go for a brush or even for spray paint. 

It's Coming Together
3.  I chose to paint the backsides of the cardboard panels thinking that the surface would be more porous and hold the paint better.  If I had it to do over again, I would choose to paint the white cardboard area instead.  The white finish would act as a base coat to make the paint colors stand out more and would help to prevent the cardboard from becoming as wet.

Painting the Cardboard Blue
4. I mixed each color then painted each cardboard panel.  I do one color at a time so that the mixed paint doesn't begin to dry before I'm ready to paint the next panel.  Unfortunately, I used older craft paint and it had quite a few lumps while I was applying the paint.  To have a flawless finish, be sure to use fresh paint.

5.  Finally, I attached each panel to it's prospective shelf.  Be sure to hammer the nail into the center of the particle board.  If you get too close to the surface, the wood may expand causing a ripple in the wood.

Here is the finished product!

We may at some point buy the fabric drawers for some of the cubbies, but for now, the bookshelf is looking good with a spice of color!  Our church is working on redoing the entire nursery:  a baby room, a toddler room, a cry room, and the Pre-K room.  If you have any interest at all in being a part of this project, go to our church website at:  You can choose to donate time or money to Gulf Coast Worship Center to be a part of our project.  Thanks for reading my blog!!!

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  1. Very cute! It looks great with the different colors, & I love the color scheme you chose.


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