Thursday, March 29, 2012

Upcycling with Blackboard Paint

Let's face it, blackboard paint rocks. There is something about a matte surface that can be changed at the whim of a chalk tip that is mesmerizing. I love that blackboard paint can be any color not just black. Just like an empty sheet of paper beckons me, anything covered in blackboard paint calls to me, "Create!"

Tonight, I am talking about some amazing examples of items that were upcycled using blackboard paint.

Blackboard with Frame - Miss Mustard Seed
upcycled paintings

Whether you have a painting that belonged to your great uncle or a random painting from a yard sale, that tacky painting has more potential than you might think.  If the painting is acrylic, a print, or on board, simply paint over the painting with blackboard paint!  As simple as that you have a framed blackboard.

If you do not have any unseemly paintings, you can actually buy a frame that when the glass is removed has MDF board behind it.  Paint the MDF with blackboard paint and you have a framed blackboard surface on which to plan your days.

Last option for an upcycled framed blackboard.  You can actually paint over glass with blackboard paint!  If you know that no one is going to come along and try to scratch your blackboard with their fingernails . . . *screeeeeeecccchhhh* . . . then take any frame with glass and upcycle it into a blackboard!  Note:  Scratching may remove blackboard paint from glass.

Upcycled Blackboard Wine Bottles - No Place Lyke Home
upcycled wine bottles

Some wine bottles are so pretty.  It feels shameful to throw away the pretty glass shapes and now you don't have to, upcycle them instead!  Simply prime the glass bottles with Rustoleum primer, then paint the wine bottles with the blackboard paint!  Simple as that you have an excellent way to remark on your days, label your flowers, or even remind yourself what vintage the wine was.

This concept works with bottles of all shapes and sizes.  Consider upcycling old canisters, spaghetti jars, baby food jars, and older plates.  Think about a wall plate display with all blackboard painted plates!  Beautiful and resourceful!

Cabinet Door Chalkboard - The Door Stop
upcycled cabinet doors

If you know a friend who is redoing their kitchen, stand in line for their cabinet doors.  Treasures in disguise these doors make great blackboards!  Sand down the middle portion, sand the rest if you'd like to change the color, then lay down the color.  Remember, you can make blackboard paint in any color you want, so get creative!  Match a blue board with green chalkboard paint.  Paint a purple and pink polka dot border with a hot pink center.  Are their boundaries with chalkboard paint?  I see no lines!

Silver plated Blackboard Platter - Pumpernickel and Wry
upcycled platter

When is a platter not a just a glorified tray?  When it's a blackboard!  Find a vintage platter from a yard sale or a tray from a thrift store and you are in business.  Rough up the surface of the tray, then apply a primer.  Apply your blackboard paint and ta da!  You have a beautiful trimmed blackboard.  Classy and environmentally conscious!  Saving the world one platter at a time!

Consider that can be applied to other metallic items.  Old watering cans, canisters, even cans from canned food can be upcycled with blackboard paint.  My suggestion, search Pinterest, Google, or Etsy to find ideas about other possible metal blackboard projects.

Antique Furniture Blackboard - Marley and Lockyer
upcycled furniture

Granted I wouldn't paint just any piece of furniture with blackboard paint.  Like this beautiful antique to the left.  It would have to be mighty dinged up for me to take away an antiques natural beauty for the sake of a blackboard project.  However, I know of lots of furniture that is dinged up, has paint chipping off, or never looked good to begin with that would benefit greatly from being upcycled.

An old chair that needs some TLC is a great candidate.  A child's dresser can be painted with blackboard paint and then you can label the drawers.  A bookshelf can be painted on the sides with blackboard paint and a contrasting color can go inside each shelf.  The options are endless and furniture supplies so much wonderful surface area for creativity.  Be sure to chalk it up after painting it.  Think polka dots, stripes, flowers, beautiful quotes, and even miniature pieces of artwork.  Never leave your blackboard empty, chalk it up!

Last but not least, no discussion about chalk board paint is complete without a Blackboard Paint Recipe!  Since I first learned about the recipe from Martha Stewart, I will always give credit to my original source.  Here she goes:

Blackboard Paint Recipe
1 cup of flat latex paint in your desired color
2 tablespoons of unsanded tile grout

Where to Buy
Home Depot

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  1. Very cool! I love the framed board in the first pic! I might have a go at that :)

  2. head is spinning with fun ideas now! I love the cabinet doors and wine bottles!!!

  3. I made a chalkboard vase a couple of weeks ago. I love it! Maybe I'll dry the old painting idea next.

  4. Wow! I had no idea that chalkboard paint could be used for so many things. Love these ideas! Thanks for sharing.

    -Tiffany from Mom's Daily Zen

  5. Never even thought about blackboards being painted! They have always been there!

    Just visiting from the Etsy Blog Forum - looking for Followers (I'm at near and yet so far!) and will certainly be following you from now on. Perhaps you'd care to visit me at and see how I made, mend and otherwise create the plushies I then try to sell at www.coldhamcuddlies.etsy.gom? Do hope so.

    Meanwhile, best of luck with your endeavours. Isobel


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