Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gift Week Day 1 - To Do List Printable

Update: Leave a comment below and I will send you a link for a simple to do list printable.  While this link is no longer valid, I'm happy to continue to give a taste of Designing Life to those who interact with my blog!  Thanks!

I love Christmas.  I really, really love giving gifts.  This year, I came up with such a fun idea for my husband that I wanted to tell him right away.  I didn't, but I soooo wanted to tell.  Honestly, I really think it is much more fun watching others open and enjoy the presents that I buy them than enjoying the ones I get.  Well, unless it is a new Wii game . . . love playing those!


This week marks the one week countdown to Christmas.  For my blog, I am designating this Gift Week!  I am planning to give away one free printable a day to my wonderful blog readers.  If you are not yet one of my readers, it's okay, you can have it too ;-)

Day 1 - Simple My To Do List

My To Do List was designed to help prioritize activities as well as realize that the thing we want to do, such as sewing, crafting, painting, relaxing, and reading, are important too!  As a parent, there are things that I must do.  I must sweep under my son's chair (it get's kinda gross if you don't).  I must do laundry.  Then here are things that I should do.  I should go upstairs and organize my craft room.  I should get new printer catridgets, but if doesn't happen until next week the world will not fall apart.  Finally, there is the want to do list.  I want to go upstairs and sew my son a pumpkin hat for the Christmas play (yes, he wanted to be a pumpkin, lol).  I want to spend more time writing my book.  Sometimes, we think that the things we want to do aren't important.  Yet sometimes they are.  They help keep us balanced and remind us that pumpkin hats and sons are extremely important.  I want to do that for my son, it isn't just a must.  I hope you enjoy this list as much as I have!

Merry Christmas my dear readers!  Come back tomorrow to check out the next free printable!

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- Gift Week at Designing Life -

Update: The Gift Week is over as of December 31st, 2012. If you are interested in any of the designs offered on Gift Week, please visit Designing Life's Etsy Shop! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years!

Note: Links will be active through December 31st, 2012



  1. That's awesome! I need a to-do list too! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting :-D

    1. Thank you too! Day 3 had the motivational to do list printable. It's another great option because it motivates you with self designated rewards. I use it all the time with this one. It's not available for download anymore, but it is in my Etsy shop: http://www.designinglife.etsy.com


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