Sunday, December 23, 2012

Gift Week Day 6 - Privilege Ladder Printable

Oooo yea!  Christmas Eve!  I wait all year long for Christmas to come around and here it is, tomorrow is Christmas!  What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?  Do you open some presents the night before Christmas or do you wait for the big day?  Do you bake a special kind of treat or breakfast for Christmas?  Our family has turkey and ham for dinner on Christmas, what is your families Christmas meat of choice?  I'd love to know what people do in other countries.  As I wait for my mouth to stop watering after talking about Christmas dinner, please check out my gift to you for today!  Thanks for stopping by!
Day 6 - Privilege Ladder Printable
When I first designed this printable, I had the activities a bit mixed up.  After having my son grow and begin to show interest in most of the privileges on this list, I realized that I need to reprioritize the list!  As parents, we are our children's guardian; we decide what influences are a part of their life and when they need to have some alone time or have earned extra video game time.  This privilege ladder allows parents to show children that as they make good choices they move up on the ladder to better privileges and when they act badly and make bad choices they move down on the ladder and are unable to have some privileges.  I hope you find this list helpful for your family and building up your children!
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Update: The Gift Week is over as of December 31st, 2012. If you are interested in any of the designs offered on Gift Week, please visit Designing Life's Etsy Shop! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! 
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  1. What a great idea, thanks for sharing! :)

    I wanted to invite you to join our weekly Sunday & Monday Meet & Greet Blog Hop if you have time this weekend. Come link up and join the fun :)

    Happy Holidays!

    1. I seem to be a sporadic blog hopper. I'll try to stop by soon!


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