Monday, February 25, 2013

Refocusing Designing Life

We all grow.  We grow externally as children to become adults.  We grow internally in knowledge, wisdom, and in life.  People grow, but so do thoughts and concepts.  My Designing Life blog is one such thought, one such concept.

I started Designing Life's blog in August 2010.  The thought behind creating this blog was to share my experience as an Interior Designer as well as provide a supplemental source of information about Designing Life, my Etsy Shop.  Since it's conception in 2010, my blog has grown.  I have realized that Designing Life isn't just about interior design, but it's also about organization, family, and intentionally designing one's life.

However, in past months, I have taken the concept of "intentionally designing one's life" and broadened it so much that it is too all encompassing.  With some deep thought and contemplation, I have come to believe that my readers do not come to my site to hear about how to find peace, finding movies that motivate a workout, or even realizing the difference between Life Coaching vs Discipleship.  Though I personally am interested in these topics and they are great topics, Designing Life blog isn't about those things.  Designing Life the blog is about helping people with their home, organization, and life through design, organization tips, simplification advice, and printables.

Therefore, I'm refocusing Designing Life.  I'm narrowing this concept back down to appeal to my reader and to help others in these specific areas.  Consider it my winter pruning.  My blog will now focus into the following areas exclusively:

Design & Decorating
Home Organization
Simplifying Life
Printables 4 Life

Please join me as my blog and I continue to grow.  I would love to keep my current readers as I make these changes and gain new ones as this blog grows more like a flower than some expansive ivy.  Thank you for reading about the changes and growth happening at Designing Life!

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