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10 Paper Storage Solutions

I'm not sure about you, but I have issues with paper.  Think bunnies multiplying except replace the bunnies with papers and that hardly describes the gravity of the issue.  I get papers and magazines and advertisements in the mail.  I take notes, I use printables, and my son draws these adorable pictures.  Then they begin to gather together to take over my home, surface by surface.  They often start with the computer desk, but then the start to make piles on the floor.  Then little by little they cover my TV stand, my end table, and my bookshelf.  You think I would catch those little papers before they got so far, but no.  With moving every few years, my storage tools come and go and are often busted up by the moving companies (no, really, my filing cabinet is irreparably dented at the drawers).  I need new options and I need them fast!  Here are some if the solutions I've come up with to prevent my paper problem from consuming every surface in my home:

Letter Sorter
 Brocade Letter Sorter Via The Container Store
Quick Pros and Cons
A Letter Sorter is a great way to separate out the mail designated for each member of the household.  Just remember, that the letter sorter can become just another place for junk.  Also think about where you will put the letter sorter and how much room you are willing to give to your incoming mail.  If all family members can commit to looking through their own mail daily, this can be a great place to stick mail as soon as it comes in the house.
Letter Tray
Quick Pros and Cons
 A letter tray can be a great place to store ongoing projects or to store documents as they come into the household or office.  You can also assign a tray to a particular family member or assign them to ongoing tasks such as bills, taxes, or work files.  Again, you will need a surface that is large enough to house the set of trays, but if it keeps all of your papers in one place it can be a great benefit.

Magazine Files
Magazine Files Via See Jane Work

Quick Pros and Cons
Magazine files have so many uses!  You can store magazines in your files or you can store kid's papers, computer paper, or current ads. It's great to use one to house misc. papers.  Once the misc. magazine file becomes full, you can go through the file.  You can store the files on a bookshelf or under an end table.  Just remember to go through the magazine files, no need to store things that are just going to take up space in your beautiful home.

File Tote Box
 File Tote Box Via The Container Store
Quick Pros and Cons
 The File Tote Box is a great way to keep hanging files nearby and stow things away quickly.  If you keep one in your home office near your computer, you can easily print out tax information and file it away or keep track of receipts and bills.  However, this is a temporary storage option.  Permanent files need a permanent home.  You will want to keep temporary files and current information in a box like this.

Paper Storage Case
Paper Storage Case Via The Container Store
Quick Pros and Cons
Paper storage cases can be great for storing children's art, ongoing crafting projects, and any oddly shaped papers you may have sitting around that you may still want to keep.  The main purpose for this case is to store scrapbook paper, but a 12" x 12" box can be used for myriads of paper projects.

Colorful Storage Boxes
  Stockholm Office Storage Boxes Via Container Store
Quick Pros and Cons
 Office Storage Boxes in bright colors just make me chipper!  Why not hide all the paper mess in these wondrous boxes?  For larger boxes, you can keep track of larger family photos.  Letter size boxes are perfect for storing written works of art.  Speaking of art, the mid-size boxes are great for keeping art paper.  However, you must be sure to designate a purpose for each box.  It could be easy to lose papers if you are not intentional about how you use each box.  Store the boxes on a bookshelf to make a statement.
Desktop File
Bamboo Desktop File Via Container Store
Quick Pros and Cons
Desktop Files are very similar in use to the file tote boxes except these are intended to live on top of your desk.  If you have tons of space on your desk, this is an even easier option for grabbing out files that are used often and storing them away quickly.  These can also be great for keeping track of children's homework and yearly school files.  The bamboo is one option but there are also many other colors and textures in the realm of desktop files.  If you have extra desk space, then consider including one of these files on your desk.
Mesh Desk Organizer
Quick Pros and Cons
 I love this product!  It is a desk organizer, but it has shelves and two areas for binders.  This is a great way to create horizontal storage space on your desk allowing you to keep home organization binders on your desk or even on a kitchen counter.  The shelves are ideal for desk accessories, keeping things up off the desk and out of your way. It may be a challenge to fit this on a small desk, but it is definitely worth considering.
Nickel Paper Caddy
Nickel Paper Caddy Via See Jane Work
Quick Pros and Cons
This Nickel Paper Caddy is a very stylish option for your desk, bookshelf, or counter.  You can keep files, binders, notebooks, and magazines resting on the caddy.  Personally, I think it is so beautiful that I would absolutely have to keep everything tidy in respect!  Again this item will take up some space, but if you have the space and money to afford this product, you will indeed enjoy having the organizational capability that it provides.
Lateral Filing Cabinet
 Outlook Lateral File Cabinet Via Smart Furniture
Quick Pros and Cons
Many of the other tools are temporary storage options.  You need to have a filing cabinet to house your permanent files.  In a filing cabinet you store last years taxes, medical records, car insurance information, etc.  These are all files that are necessary to keep, but do not need to be accessed often.  Instead of the metal vertical filing cabinets that most of us are used to, this lateral file cabinet is much more refined.  The one negative for this cabinet is the price tag.  A nice looking file cabinet will cost you more, but you'll enjoy having it in your home. 

Whatever you buy for your home, home office, or office, consider buying organization accessories that make the experience more enjoyable.  I hope going through these paper storage solutions has helped you as much as it has helped me!  Now which ones shall I buy?


  1. Hi Brooke: Paper is my fav medium. In fact, I often use the name PaperLady. Your storage solutions are colorful and attractive.

    I've given you the Liebster award because something about you inspired me. If your schedule is like mine, you may not have time to do the requirements for this award. Just pick what you can do, and when, which is what I had to do. I once had a recipient who kindly rejected her award and said that her schedule would simply not allow her to participate. I understand if you feel the same.

    Here is a link to my post for the questions that I answered for Angie, and that you may answer.
    Sandi's Answers

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    1. Thank you so much! I'll be popping over to your blog shortly to check it out!

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