Wednesday, March 6, 2013

5 Bedroom Design Tips

After I clicked the little 'Design & Decorating' button on my own blog, I realized that I have been remiss in my design duties! How could I leave my readers high and dry in the design department? With the refocusing of my blog, I am more than happy to focus on bedroom design tips! Let's get this bedroom started!

Tip 1: Pick a color to focus on for your room.

When you come into a bedroom and think wow, you see a connection within the room. The items aren't just thrown in the room, there is intentional design. Many times a color draws the room together. Sometimes a particular style gives the room a feeling of comfort. If you want to fuse a room easily and on a budget, choose one main color then choose a few colors that match. Write down a list of items that you need for your room (especially ones that no longer match your color scheme) and start searching for those items in the exact colors that you want. When you mesh these colors throughout your room, it will immediately look much more intentional and will begin to create your own "wow" effect.

Tip 2: The bed matters the most.

Polka Dot Stripe Bolster Pillow Via Turtle Dove Lane
A beautiful room with a nasty bed is still a nasty room. 
The bed matters most. Why? Because it's a BED - room, not a dresser room or a nightstand room. If you haven't dressed your bed, your bedroom is naked. Or maybe just the dweeb of the house. Find a comforter, duvet with a duvet cover, quilt, or stylish blanket to clothe your bed. Sheets matter too. They don't matter to the person passing by your room when they miss the turn to your bathroom, but you know what is hidden underneath your bed topping. Have sheets that match your bed covering and make you feel happy to slip under the covers. Finally, top your bed with some beautiful coordinating shams. Remember those colors on the last tip? Make sure to integrate these into your shams as well as on your bed covering.

Tip 3: Space for you, space for him.

This tip is assuming that this is a shared bed, if this is not the case please skip to tip 4. You both need space in your bed, duh, you both sleep there. But what about the room itself? Each person sharing a bedroom needs adequate space within the room to feel that this is their space. When a lady enters a room, she doesn't want to feel as if she just stepped into her husband's bedroom and that she just sleeps within his space. In the same way, a husband doesn't want to feel as if he just stepped into his wife's bedroom and that he only gets his section of the bed each might. A shared bedroom can't be over feminine and it can't be over masculine. Space for the lady, space for the dude.

Tip 4: Don't mistake soothing for boring.

Texture - Brown Flower Pillow Case Via Momo Rad Rose
I've heard people say that they want to use muted tones for their bedroom, but then proceeded to fill the room with flat beige colors with nothing to catch the eye.  BORING!  I'm all for using muted tones.  Some people really don't like a colorful room.  However, when you choose to go muted with the color scheme, you must heighten the other senses!  Choose textured wall art to create extra dimension to the walls.  Choose a bed covering that is quilted to add texture.  Throw fluffy pillows on the bed or use a pattern that is muted yet exciting!  AKA creating a "soothing" space is no excuse to create a boring space.

Tip 5: Move out.

Okay, so you got me.  I don't literally mean, move out of your room.  I do mean move out everything that has nothing to do with a bedroom.  Mainly, a bedroom is a room in which to sleep, change clothes, and perhaps read a book.  Why then, do most of our bedrooms resemble a jungle of junk?  In my personal opinion, if you want to watch television, go to the living room.  If your husband or children are hogging the television, design a television sharing schedule.  Alright, back to the bedroom.  Move out extra frames cluttering dressers.  Keep items needed for sleeping, changing, and reading.  You will never regret moving out!

What is your biggest hang up when it comes to designing your bedroom?
Have you already conquered all five tips?

Thank you for stopping by Designing Life's blog!  I hope to keep updating my blog with more "Design & Decorating" posts as well as posts on "Home Organization," "Simplifying Life," and "Printables 4 Life."  If you love printables as much as I do, hop on over to my Etsy Shop Designing Life to browse my designs.  Stop by again soon!


  1. Hey Brooke!

    Great pointers. I only wish we could revamp our room. It has become a combo home office the past 2 years...blah! I AM thankful to have my sweet hubby working mostly from home though. I miss seeing your sweet face. Are you on instagram?

    Blessings...Brook L.

    1. I have an instagram account, but I don't use it often. My s/n is DesigningLife. I think I just followed you on Instagram, we'll see if it works!

      Do you have any other rooms that can serve as an office space? It really isn't much fun to mix work and sleeping in the same room.

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