Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Attention to Detail in Home Decorating

When I first began my venture into Interior Design, I paid little attention to detail.  The details came at random and I experienced my life as one unrelated event after another.  This was no difference in my outlook regarding the details during my first year as an Interior Design student.  It took time to realize that it was all about the details.

Whether in my own life or within home decorating, each detail is an opportunity to excel.  Instead of looking at my life as a scattered collage of unrelated pieces, I must realize that each piece is a mosaic that must be relished and experienced to the fullest.  In design, I realize that each element within a room is a unique chance to convey who I am as a person and who I want my family to be.  Each item of decor whether it is a bookshelf, a sofa, or a piece of art says something about me and also expresses my care for my guests.

Doing Nothing Is Doing Something
Many people believe that they can simply leave a room alone to play it safe.  Sticking with the basics may seem like a good idea, but it still communicates.  A guest room without a box of tissues, a trash can, towels, and extra pillows and blankets is saying to the guest, "your host has not considered your needs."  Similarly, a living room without coasters, end tables, or comfortable seating is telling visitors, "I hope you don't stay too long!"

If these messages are being relayed to your company, imagine what you are saying to your family without realizing it!  Each and every detail in your home has the potential to be a constant reminder to your family that you have considered their needs and are actively taking care of them.  The strategic placement of a shoe basket at the front door keeps the floors clean and makes the parents of the household less likely to have to fuss with children about shoes being all over the house.  A homework box on a child's desk allows for a parent to easily monitor a child's progress on assignments, but keeps away the stress of having to ask for assignments and makes it seem less like a trust issue.  Each detail that is attended to actually allows for stress to be removed from a household and for organization and peace to reign.

Just as the image on this blog mentions, you want your house to be about something genuine.  Genuinely seek ways to demonstrate your thoughtfulness throughout your household as you consider the details that can make your lives and homes run more smoothly.  Remember, doing nothing is not a solution, so be intentional about what is being said through your choices in home decor.

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