Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Interior Design Tip: More Is Just More

The idea that 'less is more' is true, but the idea behind 'more is just more' takes this a step farther.  Sometimes people keep adding to their existing decor thinking that one addition is going to fix the room.  This new furniture item is going to complete the room, or this new painting will make the room look more unified.  However, this is often not the case and the newest item does not change anything.

More Is Just More
If a room has an underlying flawed design, no new purchase can alleviate the flaw.  The newest organization product will not fix a completely unorganized room.  The best sofa will not make a poorly designed living room look perfect.  While this may seem like bad news for some, when taken to heart this concept can save a person tons of money long term.

Purchase with a Plan
Rather than investing dollar after dollar into one item at a time just hoping that a room will magically fix itself, a person who really wants a room to change will realize that they need a plan.  The entire room may have to be redone, reorganized, and moved around, but this person will save a ton of money by not buying excess decor, furniture, and organizational tools.

Getting a Plan
Where does a room plan come from?  A determined person realizing that a room has a need for a makeover can work out a plan by considering each need of that particular room.  What feel does the room have?  What feel does the room need?  However, for the person who feels completely lost when considering completing such a task, an interior designer or decorator can help by assisting the person in planning out the room.  Design services that can help in completing a room design are floor plans, furniture and accessory selection lists, and a color scheme just to name a few.  Have a unifying thought behind a room and don't stop until that dream is realized.

Stick To the Plan
When considering new items, don't fall into your previous trap of purchasing an item that might make your room better.  You have a plan and you can easily decide whether the new item fits into your plan for your room.  If it will just be more . . . then let it be one more item filling that stores shelves and not in your room with a plan.

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