Thursday, October 6, 2011

Home Gym Design: Creating A Naturally Healthy Home

I will not attempt to fool you into thinking that I have this ball in the pocket.  My home does not have a room dedicated to a home gym at this time.  However, incorporating a home gym into another room is not only helpful, but extremely needed for those who live a busy lifestyle.  Not everyone can cut out of their workday to spend an hour at the gym, but most people can take fifteen to thirty minutes out of their home life to keep their body healthy.

A "home gym" does not need to be elaborate.  Fitness is not about having deluxe equipment and scads of space.  These days fitness involves convenience, accessibility, and choosing to have it a part of your lifestyle.  Therefore, setting up a home gym is the best option for keeping fitness a priority in your busy life.

Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set
Free Weights
When considering a home gym space, free weights are a great way to strengthen the body without using tons of space.  These weights can slide under a table and still be accessible for workouts within moments.  Since the free weights are customizable, this can be great for men and women alike.  Finally, these weights are a great option for a lifestyle of fitness.  Strengthening the back and arms is a great way to burn calories and increase one's body image.

Pull Up Bar and Resistance Bands

Pull Up Bar and Resistance Bands
The door frame pull up bar and resistance bands are another wonderful option for small spaces.  Whether installing the pull up bar installed in the door of a larger closet or in the entrance to your home gym space, this is a constant reminder to workout.  The temptation will constantly arise to test your strength and who knows; maybe this will draw you into your home gym space.  The resistance bands are great not only for arm strength but for strengthening the legs.  These are perfect items to keep in your home gym space.  Remember that the home gym does not need a complete room, but merely an allocated potion within an existing room.

Cap Barbell Definity Push Up Holder

Push Up Bar
Personally, I detest putting the palms of my hands on the floor and getting uncomfortably close to the ground every time I do a push up.  That is where the push up holder comes into play.  This product makes push ups a little more comfortable and makes the angle a bit more likeable.  In order to keep push ups quick and painless, consider using these push up holders or the perfect push up product as an aid to your home gym workout.  They take up little space, but make the push up exercise much more inviting!

Valeo Foam Exercise Mat

Exercise Mat
Whether you have a hard floor or carpet, an exercise mat is extremely helpful for maintaining footing while doing certain exercises as well as providing extra padding for exercises that involve lying down or floor pressure.  This mat has elastic bands to keep it folded up when not in use.  Whether you choose this mat or another, consider matching the colors to your room decor.  A home gym can not only fit into another room, but it can look good!

Valeo Jump Rope
Jumping Rope
What is a better home gym aerobic exercise than jumping rope?  While the ceiling can be a barrier, a jumping rope can be taken out doors or in a hallway to be used.  A jumping rope is highly effective at getting the heart pumping and the heart rate higher for an aerobic activity.  Whether you are at an amateur exercise level or expert, you will benefit from including a jumping rope in your home gym space.

Home Gym
Of course, these are only a few examples of the types of equipment that you can include in your home gym.  While there is no limit the amount of items you can include in your space if you have unlimited space restrictions, but these are some great products to start with if you do have space restrictions (or budget restrictions!).  Lack of space or money never means that fitness needs to be less of a priority.  Fitness helps you to live your life to the fullest and keeps you feeling great!  Why should you sacrifice feeling great just because you lack space or money?  Make a little space and budget a little money to create your home gym; you won't regret it!

Extra suggestions for your home gym:

Valeo Medicine Ball

Home Scale

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