Monday, October 24, 2011

Lazy Monday at Home

 How does home decor matter on lazy days?  If I am snuggled up in my pajamas watching my favorite show on Netflix with no plans for visitors, does decor still matter to me?  Alright, so you already know I'm going to say that it totally matters!

Fringe Throw - Etsy Shop:  Crickets Home
Even lazy days involve interior decorating and home decor.  The choices that you make on your non-lazy days will affect the quality of your relaxation times.  Today, I have been curled up on my large denim sofa covered in my cozy Navy throw (yes, the one pictured in yesterday's blog) and I have declared today a day of rest.  My cozy couch would be much less cozy without that throw.  For me, I must have a throw or blanket to feel fully relaxed.  If I was farther away from my favorite show and having to strain to see each episode, then design matters.  My design makes my lazy Monday possible.

What makes your relaxation complete?  Maybe it's your favorite throw, or your favorite patterned pillow.  Perhaps, your relaxation is aided by soaking in the rays of sunlight as they pass through an open window.  I know I love opening the windows on a fall day and letting the crisp air pass through and aerate the house.  These are just a few things that can add to the relaxation of the day, but what decisions can lead up to a wonderfully lazy day?

Having your house in good condition before entering into a day of relaxation makes the day even more sweet.  Consider in advance what you want to have done and what chore will make for one less item on the agenda for your day of peaceful laziness.  One of the cardinal rules of enjoyment is to have a space that is free of clutter and debris in order to fully be at peace.

Another important aspect of home decor that affects relaxation is the seating.  If all you have is dorm furniture from your old college days or maybe you only have formal seating, then you really must consider purchasing seating that will aid you and  your family in enjoying their time together.  Dorm furniture (or older furniture) can seem very comfortable, but it needs to be comfortable visually as well.  You gain more enjoyment from sitting in furniture that feels comfortable and looks beautiful.  Formal seating has the opposite problem.  Often a formal sofa will look wonderful, but feel absolutely rotten to sit on.  Consider having a formal room and a room for the family to kick back in.  Honestly, if you can't afford to do both, it is more important to feel comfortable regularly than to impress important guests with formal seating.

Lazy days are all about easy access.  You need to have easy access to your favorite drinks whether that includes lemonade, sweet tea, or a Cosmopolitan.  You want your coaster front and center.  In addition, it's great to have food trays in advance for eating in front of the television.  For movie nights, our family has a waterproof blanket that lays in the floor and we all pile on it to eat our pizza and popcorn.  At times, it is the decisions you make in advance that determine how easy it is to relax.

If your Monday is not as lazy as my Monday, don't consider me lucky.  This particular lazy day was not a matter of design, but was one of surprise when my son was sick this morning.  Sometimes a day at home is not planned, but with a little thought and planning any day can quickly take on hints of relaxation!


  1. Thank you so much for using one of my customer's images of a throw I made her in her home, Brooke! :) I love your interior design concept!!

  2. I keep a throw, usually a quilted one, on every chair or couch and one at the foot of the bed! Can't do without them!

  3. I'm with you brooke, we always have an afghan on the couch. And we have 'foot' pillows that we put on the table so we can put our feet up and be comfy!

  4. I always have to clean my house before I get lazy and relax in it! haha!
    Hope your son gets to feeling better!

  5. I hope your son feels better! I agree that it's the best thing ever to relax under a cozy throw or blanket with your favorite show. :)

  6. Poor little man. I hope he feels better soon. Your picture is very inviting. Since moving into a motorhome, my yoga mat has become my relaxing spot. After a half hour of deep breathing and stretching, I am ready to face anything!

  7. My little guy is doing better today :-) Thanks for all of your comments!


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