Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bedroom Organization - Tuesday Design Question

Question:  What is one product that I can buy to help me organize my bedroom?

Canvas Under Bed Storage

Most bedrooms are not disorganized because the people who live in the bedroom are unable to organize, but due to a lack of storage.  A person with endless storage is organized, clean, and has no trouble keeping it this way.  Therefore, organizing the bedroom becomes about adding storage.  One quick way to add storage to a bedroom is to utilize under bed storage containers.  Store bulky items such as sweaters and sweat shirts in these containers, this opens up space in your drawers.  Adding storage means increasing organization.

Question:  What is one product for the kitchen that will make my life easier?

Wrap Rack
The kitchen is all about accessibility.  The ease at which you can access your most used items is one of the most important aspects of kitchen design.  My life has been improved by a new addition to my pantry wall.  My husband recently helped me install a plastic wrap and foil holder for the wall.  In the past, I had all of these products under my sink, stretched out, and taking up loads of space.  Now that they are stored vertically, they take up less space and are also really easy to access.  When looking for new kitchen organization products, always consider how accessible they make your most used kitchen products.

Question:  What is one product that will make cleaning my shower much easier?

Soap Squirting Palm Brush
Though you most often think of this product being used in the kitchen, the soap squirting palm brush is excellent for quick cleaning in the shower and bathtub.  Simply fill the soap container with your desired liquid cleaning product (you can even use dish washing liquid), wet down your shower, and scrub.  While a tougher brush and soap can be used for heavy duty cleaning, this method is great for daily or weekly cleaning.


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