Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday Furniture Feature: Name Design Studio

Furniture Maker: Jo Supara Tarakci
Location:  Istanbul, Turkey
Specialty: Upcycled and reupholstered antique and vintage furniture and decor with a patchwork flair

Friday Furniture Feature: Name Design Studio

Though beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, a person would have to be blind to not recognize the timeless elegance of Name Design Studio's patchwork furniture pieces.  Located in Istanbul, Turkey, Name Design Studio is headed up by Jo Supara Tarakci an interior architect.  Though established in 2010, her Etsy shop began earlier this year.  For those who discover her unique wares, their world will always have the potential to be a more colorful place.

The blue and white porcelain patchwork armchair stands out due to its bold contrast of colors.  The blue and white colors are reminiscent of traditional porcelain dinnerware.  This piece would not only make a statement in the living room of any home, but it would be a family heirloom for years to come!

Pink Green Armchair

Another stunning aspect of Jo Supara Tarakci's patchwork pieces is the choice of color.  In the pink green armchair, the rose hues are paired with meadow green, the accent colors include yellow, white, and taupe.  This shop is one of the best examples of an artisan that values attention to detail and the attention has paid off.

Unique Upholstery by Jo Supara Tarakci

In the world of upholstery, the tattered and worn is often replaced with new and unique patterns.  Most chairs are considered special to be graced with one unique and desirable pattern.  The upholstery products in Name Design Studio are perfectly balanced with an array of fancy fabrics and stunning designs.  If you are looking to bring a bit of spice to a corner or completely illuminate a room with a new sofa, consider purchasing a patchwork piece from Name Design Studio off of

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