Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Confessions of a Rogue Blogger

Not a Daily Event

Let's face it, sometimes life happens and blogging doesn't. I admire the faithful bloggers who daily post the intrigues of their life to be observed and learned from for other readers. But practically speaking, I will never be one of those bloggers.

A Series of Unfortunate Series

I have been known to start a blog series and never finish it. Gasp! One day I think that I have an amazing idea with a series then the next day I wake up and I don't think the idea was as spectacular as I first thought. I flit and I flutter from one thing to the next and sometimes I lack the follow-through to complete a series. And the world moves on!

I Blog for Me

First, I blog for myself and secondly, I blog for my readers benefit. Why do I admit this so readily? Because if I don't love what I'm doing then my readers won't get any benefit at all from my writing. I blog on the days that I love blogging and I want to write. On the days that my life sucks and I don't want to write, I don't. I have seen bloggers write on days when their life is a mess and it's not a pretty sight. When I write, I write for me which benefits my readers.

Life is Better than Blogging

Some days, I don't write because my life is more important than my blog. Sure I can slip away from the fun for a moment to write up a quick blog, but why leave my life for the sake of a few words on a webpage? If I'm in the middle of enjoying being with my husband and my son I don't care about my blog. I write my blog to help others to organize and design their life so that they can enjoy their life and I can't write about organizing and designing lives without organizing and designing my own life. I organize and design my time to be shaped around that which is most important to me. My family is most important to me and my blog comes second.

So fault me if you will, but blogging isn't life. Life is life. I can't blog about life without living it to the fullest. Agreed?

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