Wednesday, August 1, 2012

What is a Printable?

A Printable

Definition:  Able to be printed

Momma Definition:  An amazing PDF resource from the computer that will print to make endless amounts of sheets for organizing

Printables In Your Home

How can printables work for you in your home?  A printable . . . a designed PDF . . . can be used for so many things throughout the home and even with our kids!  You can look for a printable to help you clean the house; for instance, a kitchen cleaning checklist will remind you of all the little spaces that you might otherwise forget to clean.  You can look for a printable for your kids to have a specific activity like drawing a chimpanzee or spelling out their ABCs.  You can look for a honey do list that will remind your honey what he needs to do AND you can print it out for updates again and again.

Better than a Sheet of Notebook Paper?

A good printable can have so many benefits over a white sheet of notebook paper.  I mean why do we go to the store and buy a fancy to do list?  We want to have a specific place to write down our lists and we are more inspired to be organized when we have these resources.  Therefore, a printable is completely better than a sheet of notebook paper, because not only do these amazing resources rev up your inspiration, they are able to be printed over and over again.

Suppose your typical week at a glance calendar costs you $12 for a complete book of weeks.  With printables, you buy a week at a glance printable . . . for only $3 at most Etsy Shops.  Or for that matter buy a set of printables and save even more.  Also, you cannot lose this resource (unless you are really bad at saving files where you can find them).  Personally, I buy a calendar or to do pad, then lose it in a week and find myself buying another.  Printable PDFs are in the computer at your endless demand.  Print!  Print!  Print!

The Gamut

Here are some ideas to aid your search for Printable PDF files across the internet:

To Do Lists
Daily Agendas
Chore Charts
Coloring Sheets
Cleaning Checklists
Address Book
Recipe Cards
And More!

Where to Find

Etsy (of course, I would love you to visit my shop . . .
Mamma Blogs
Google Product Search

Good luck on your search to find good and useful printables! 
May your days of planning be shortened and your days of fun be grand!

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  1. Even with computers and smartphones, I still have to have my printables to keep me organized.


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