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How to Make a Household Management Binder

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How to Make a Household Management Binder

Putting together a household management binder is as easy as you make it!  Get the right supplies, find the right printables, and you can be in business in less than a week.

I'll help you find the right:

home binder, binder dividers, home binder sheet protectors, and well designed printables

The Binder

While it may be obvious with the title "Household Management Binder," but I will repeat, you need a binder.  You may want to start with one 1" binder and expand to a 2" or you can make multiple binders to suit your many household needs.  The typical Home Management Binder is home to calendars, schedules, meal planning, cleaning lists, grocery lists, addresses, passwords, babysitter’s instructions, and many more pre-planning worksheets and lists.

Here are four things to look for when buying your binder:

1.  Buy a binder that will grow with your planning
2.  Find a binder with an outer clear pocket so you can label the binder clearly
3.  Buy the sturdiest binder you can find
4.  Go with a binder that will hold a 8 1/2" by 11" sheet of paper and sheet protectors

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Dividers for Each Section

In addition to a binder, it is helpful to have dividers for each section in your household management notebook.  If you are only going to use it for meal planning and cleaning schedules, then you may want to buy dividers to separate your current meal planning sheets, past meal planning sheets (great for referencing), your cleaning schedules, and any cleaning checklists or shopping lists you may have.  You can even throw in a divider for your couponing.  Buy as many dividers as you have sections for your family’s binder.

Here are four things to look for when buying dividers:

1.  Buy dividers with large tabs, nothings worse than not being able to read your own tab
2.  Go with tabs that you write directly onto, the tab inserts can get lost on the others
3.  Look for brightly colored dividers to make each section stand out
4.  Again, durability is important; you may use some of your sections daily

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Sheet Protectors

Some of your organizational printables will not be written on often, but are frequently used for reference.  You may want to buy sheet protectors to keep these sheets looking great all year long.  Yearly Calendars, Important Date sheets, and Ideal Weekly Schedules are some printable home management sheets that you may want to keep in sheet protectors.

Here are four things to look for when buying sheet protectors:

1.  Choose a plastic sheet protector that has a clear surface without texture
2.  Spend a little for sheet protectors that are higher in quality
3.  Pay attention to how wide the sheet protectors are for your binder
4.  Find a package with the right amount; the more you buy the less expensive they are

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Printable Household Management Pages

The point of having a household management binder is to have all of your home organizational planning accessible by flipping open a binder and easily finding the right section with just the right printable.  We have the binder and the ability to easily access the right section, but what of the right printable?  How do you find the right printable for you and your household?

Here are four things to look for when buying printables:

1.  Find printables that will help you save time by planning ahead
2.  Buy printable with an attractive design that will encourage you in your planning
3.  Look for printables that you will actually use; all printables won't be a perfect fit for you
4.  Mix and match, remember that there are many printable designers with great sheets

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Designing Life Etsy Shop –  (again, I’m partial!)
I Heart Organizing –
Clean Mama –
Fresh and Organized –

Note: Let's be honest.  These days, you can find so many printable resources online for free.  However, not all that glitters is gold.  Consider supporting small businesses who have spent meticulous hours in preparing PDF files that are perfect not just bloggers who are putting out quickly prepared printables in order to gain traffic.

Hole Puncher

After you begin your search for the best printables for your home organization binder, you will realize that you really need a dependable hole puncher.  I have two hole punchers, one for my computer area and one for my craft area.

Here are four things to look for when buying a hole puncher:

1.  Buy a hole puncher that punches all three holes at the same time
2.  Go for the sturdiest hole puncher you can find
3.  Make sure the paper hole compartment at the bottom of the puncher stays on securely
4.  Find a hole puncher that can easily punch holes in multiple sheets at a time

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Perfect Pens

While most people just grab a pen and start writing, I think it is a great idea to think about what kind of pens are best for writing on your new printables.  Certain pens have ink that will bleed through to the next page, some will fade over time, and some do not leave the mark you intend to make on the page.  So really, the pen matters a lot!

Here are four things to look for when buying a pen:

1.  Leave the felt tips, the permanent sharpies, and the runny pens at the store
2.  Use a high quality ball tip pens for simple writing tasks
3.  For yearly sheets that you will use for reference, consider scrapbook quality pens
4.  Try out the pens at the store and find one that makes solid and obvious lines

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Compilation of Tools

I hope this blog is a wonderful resource for you to help you to find the right tools for making your household management binder.  Trust me, if you find the time to put together a home organization / household management binder, you will be finding time in so many more places!  Enjoy designing your life!

Brooke Shambley of Designing Life

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