Friday, November 18, 2011

Homeschool Room E-design

Homeschool Room Design

This week I have been privileged to provide an E-design to a mother who is homeschooling her two children.  My client really wanted to make her School Room go beyond average and really be a room that would aid her children in their learning and not be a hindrance.  Most of the E-design was designed using existing furniture, but I was also able to add in a few accessories to complete the look and add to the organization.  Here are a few photos of her E-design as well as a some pinterest photos that were my inspiration.

A Storage Solution for the School Room as well as the Kid's Rooms

Each E-design includes storage solutions as well as ideas for increasing organization.  While toys are not a standard addition to a School Room, organized toy storage bins are a great way to begin teaching children to clean up after themselves.  Toys are not just for playing, but they can be a great tool for teaching.

A Placement Plan for her New Accessories

Since my client had plenty of existing furniture to work with my challenge was using her furniture in the best locations to aid learning.  I needed to create a space where she could stand at the whiteboard while teaching, a computer space, a reading nook, a workspace, as well as ample opportunities for organization.

A Furniture Floor Plan Using Existing Furniture

E-designs are all about the details.  These particular details will help to bring together her classroom and provide unique storage.  Both red, yellow, and green were colors that were reused throughout the room.  This floor plan shows the placement of these items throughout the room.


Here are some Pinterest pictures of my inspiration!

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest

Source: via Brooke on Pinterest


  1. I like the rearrangement of the kids' romm. Looks spacious,cozy and comfortable!

  2. I love how organized yet comfortable the room all look. I really like the little buckets.

  3. Making space a workable piece of art is something I am glad to leave to the experts like you! Saying 'hi' from the Etsy Blog Team.....

  4. You have some great ideas there! I suppose if you homeschooled your children you would have to make the school room special and separate from the rest of the house.

  5. What a fun project! Great organizational ideas.


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