Tuesday, November 8, 2011

If Not Now, When?

I was recently faced with this question in the light of my personal life.  If I am not going to fully follow Christ now, when exactly would this happen?  While pondering this question, I realized that the shortened statement "If Not Now, When?" applies to so many areas of life.  If you are like me, you put off many things for later.  According to me, now is simply not a good time.

But if not now, when?

For me, I began to look at my house in the light of timeliness.  For all the projects I keep planning to complete, when would be a better time?  There is no better time than now.

I'm putting my house in order.  I'm cleaning up the piles that have collected because "I didn't have the time" to go through them.  I'm scrubbing up the spots that "I'd clean up later."  I'm painting the walls that "I'd get to sometime."  I'm buying items to help me organize my space that I thought that "I'd find the time to buy eventually."  What time is better?

I'm making my house a home today.  I'm working towards my goal of having my home be a refuge for my family and for others.  I want to be able to invite people into my home today . . . any day.  No room needs to be a room of disgrace.  Today is the day to open up the closets or the junk room and say "enough is enough".

Maybe your house isn't the only place you have stamped with a permanent delay.  Take this question and distribute it thoroughly in your life, there's plenty to go around!  Today is the day you have.  Tomorrow doesn't happen unless you do it today.


  1. Oh yes! Life is too short to wait til tomorrow. Just remember to enjoy life as well as getting the "stuff" done.

    Had to come check out your blog! Nice to "meet" you!

  2. Dan and I believe that a house is never done being decorated or nested, you just quit. We moved into our house in July and have already been well under way making it our own. It is so much fun.

  3. Katie - I agree that a house is never done being decorated. It's like marriage! You don't simply stop working on your marriage or it can fall to pieces.

    James and I have really been getting back in home maintenance mode. We've been here for three years and there are some projects that we have put off for that entire time! Can't wait until they get completed!


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