Saturday, November 5, 2011

Modern Thanksgiving Decorating Ideas

Unless you are enamored with country style decor, I would like to propose that there are much better choices for Thanksgiving than the traditional country style Autumn decor.  Below are some examples of what not to do with your Thanksgiving decorating.  Keep your decorations bright and significant.  If it doesn't make an intentional statement, it may be making a statement you didn't intend for it to make.  A mix of neutral colors do not neccesarily reflect a classy Thanksgiving color scheme.  Just because they are all neutral and seem to blend doesn't make them a perfect match for your decorating this Fall.  Finally, mixing holiday decorations in a basket, hurricane, or vase does not create a foolproof centerpiece!  Stick with two main types of items when filling a hurricane; in this case, more is NOT the merrier.

Personally, I wish to decorate for Thanksgiving without abandoning my class and my taste.  I wish for the comradary of the country Christmas with the decor that says "I have style."  If you are guity of some of the decorating faux pas, don't dismay.  Simply tuck those tired decorations away and take a look at some new items to jumpstart your Thanksgiving decorating.

Modern Brown Design

Modern Orange Design

I hope you enjoy this collection of Thankgiving Items!  If you are interested in more Holiday Decor ideas check out my Holiday Decorating E-design!


  1. My furnishings are contemporary, so love your modern choices a lot:) And many are eco-friendly too, what could be better:)

  2. Cute! I actually have a twine pumpkin I found a few years back in a thrift shop. It is one of my favorite decor items...and pretty kid friendly. My 18 month old likes to steal it, and I keep finding it in his room. hahaha.

  3. Wonderful Thanksgiving decorating ideas! I like how you pointed out examples of what not to use as well. *shudder*

  4. Such great modern ideas! It is sometimes too easy to just use the same ones year after year. Thanks for the suggestions!


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