Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Moving from "As Is" to "Just Right" in Your Home

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I'm calling you out (and I'm calling myself out too)! Yes, you! You are living with your house "as is" and it's about time that you move on. When you go to a second hand store, you expect to find items labeled "as is." If you buy it, you plan to fix it or better it from that condition. No one would buy a product in "as is" condition and leave it that way. But we do it with our homes! We leave our home in the "as is" condition. Enough is enough!

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From "As Is" to "Just Right"

One way to move on from having a home in the "as is" condition is by recognizing the areas of the house that are commonly ignored. Just because it's always been that way, doesn't mean that it is just right! For some, the area ignored is the garage, an extra bedroom, or a corner. Maybe all that is left alone is a pile sitting by the bed or a basket of clothes to be mended. No matter what area is left untouched in your house, it is time to pull back the curtains (or pull up the blinds, whichever the case) and get busy in your ignored area.

Moving from Room to Room

Each room has areas that are in "as is" condition. Maybe your pantry is an area that gets messy repeatedly and never gets straightened, or perhaps your laundry room has piles of lost socks sitting on the dryer. Why not upgrade your "as is" areas into being "just right" areas? Make a plan and make your life a little easier and a little more livable!

Just Right Doesn't Stay Just Right

Perhaps you have a room that was "just right" only that was four years ago! "Just right" can digress into "now wrong." You have new needs, new likes, and just as your life progresses so should your home! Keep your home moving forward and update those rooms that were perfect at one time, but need a change in order to keep up with where your life is at now.

In Our Home Sign
Maintaining It "Just Right"

Whenever you have a life change, your home may need a change as well. In order to maintain your home as a perfect dwelling, you have to recognize new needs that you have. Obviously, if you have a new child in your home, you have plenty of decor needs that will have to be thought through in order to make your home "just right." However, even a new job or a new hobby can bring about the need to update your home decor. You may need new storage for your new job in order to keep yourself organized. Or maybe your new hobby would be more relaxing if you repurposed a corner of your living room into a hobby corner. Think and rethink in order to maintain your home as it should be every day of the year!

Though we shouldn't settle for "as in" in our homes, remember the words of this plaque.  The home can look great, but what's more important is how you relate to others in your home! ;-)

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  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm now thinking of areas in my home that needs to be just right and not be left as!


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