Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why My House Gets Messy

I am not sure about you . . .

But I have a monster in my house.

He's the reason it's messy,

There is no reason else.

He pulled the clothes out from my dresser

Took my dresses off their hooks

He even put my make up on

To see how it would look!

He ran into my kitchen

Left the coffee in the pot

I think he spilled some grape juice

That would explain the spot

Then he pulled the kid's toys out. . .

He must have had a heyday

Making sure he left one with wheels

Right . . . in . . . the hallway.

He must have gone in the garage

After he found our house a bore

I know because the boxes

Are now strewn about the floor

There is potting soil and mulch

Beach toys and shovels

I had no idea that monsters

Were so sloppy and disheveled.

There is no better explanation

Than a messy monster frenzy

My household couldn't possibly

Be so disorganized or so lazy.

I'm sure you must have a monster

Residing in your house as well

Let me know when you catch him

Who he is . . . . I'll never tell.


  1. the monster looks like a funny one on the drawing!

  2. LOL! He does look cute. Boy is he ever hard to catch in the act! Maybe we should try to build a "monster trap."

  3. I think that monster lived at my house too, when my kids were little.

  4. Ohh, I have the same monster problem, jaja. This is too cute!

  5. LOL! I'll have to try that -- blame it on the Monster!


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